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Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

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The rapid increase of cloud applications and remote and agile working has created the ideal environment for the use of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology. The traditional network focused on connectivity to multiple locations, whereas the modern network is all about getting to the cloud applications in the fastest, most secure and most reliable way. SD-WAN provides phenomenal network agility and reduced costs associated with large MPLS networks. NEXION Networks are a global SD-WAN provider, providing National and Global Enterprises with intelligent, Multi-WAN terminated and secure SD-WAN Solutions.

MPLS has been the backbone of all major enterprise networks for many years. It provides a high level of QoS and distinct SLA’s. The issue is, with the shift to a more remote and agile workforce, MPLS does not offer the ease of deployment and cost savings of a SD-WAN. By using a Hybrid WAN Solution, NEXION Networks provides a core MPLS between main sites, as well as a local and Global SD-WAN to other sites. By using smart edge devices, we provide the ability to terminate multiple WAN links on a single managed device. This WAN Virtualisation technology allows the use of Ethernet, Fibre, MPLS, 3/4G and even public WiFi all bonded into the same SD-WAN at the edge site. Thus providing instant fail-over and use of smaller links to provide a secure and reliable WAN.

Turn to a reliable and flexible approach to WAN deployment, with our SD-WAN Load Balancing solutions. Terminate multiple WAN links, via different carriers, to provide a secure, reliable bonded solution. Terminate up to 12 different WAN links on a single device, offering smart algorithms to route the traffic over certain links. Automatic fail-over, allows 100% uptime for mission-critical locations, by continuously checking the state of each WAN link and using dynamic response to maintain network uptime.

There is the easy way to do something and the smart way. Load Balancing Solutions allow the ability to manage traffic flow over multiple WAN links on the same device, using pre-defined algorithms and enterprise-grade software to distribute traffic. Combining SD-WAN, Hybrid WAN and Load Balancing Technology, the addition of smart traffic routing algorithms, allows agile and intelligent SD-WAN solutions regardless of standard location limitations.

VPN for Smart Networking

Cloud Computing

Site-to-Site VPN

Hot Failover

WAN Smoothing

Bandwidth Bonding

The creation of secure and reliable Site-to-Site VPN services, allows the modern enterprise to reap the benefits of site-to-site connections using less costly internet services. Create a secure tunnel over any and multiple WAN Links, all managed on a single device on an industry-leading platform.

Hot Failover is a premium add-on, allowing multiple connections to keep VPN networks running at 100% uptime. Add different WAN providers, technology to securely fail traffic over fibre, WiFi, 4G and even public WiFi. This technology has been proven to provide zero downtime in the most demanding of network traffic – Voice.

In high-demand environments such as VoIP, Video Conferencing, Broadcasts and Live Camera feeds, WAN Smoothing uses algorithms and multiple WAN links to smooth out the packet loss and provide no loss of connectivity. WAN Smoothing will manage the WAN links, latency, traffic type and adjust packet distribution to provide a consistent connection.

Location an issue? MPLS far too expensive? Our WAN Bonding Solutions allow the modern agile enterprise to connect up to 13 different low-cost connections at each site. The available data is combined into a secure, reliable and easy to configure connection. This application has proven exceptional in roaming devices using 3/4G such as fleet, mine site, and emergency response vehicles.

Mobile Bandwidth Solutions


Cellular Bonding

Supported 3G/4G LTE USB Modem


Our Cellular Bonding Solutions allow up to 4 SIM cards, from multiple service providers to be placed in one device. This creates one connection back to head office, allowing failover, as well as staying connected no matter the location. If you need to manage moving assets, in-built GPS allows GPS tracking and history logs over the provided application, even after the loss of power, using an in-built battery. Our VPN solution provides secure and reliable Cellular WAN solutions to even the most challenging environments such as emergency response, mine site vehicles, fleet solutions, and satellite locations, using bonded 4G links.

NEXION Networks Global SD-WAN Solutions offer devices capable of supporting over 100 different carrier SIMs, in over 50 countries. This allows us to provide a secure and reliable global SD-WAN, even in locations where no set address is available or 4G is the only option from a cable or cost perspective. All sites are managed from a single pane of glass.

Looking for an LTE solution that offers multiple providers, multiple bands and location diversity, then our Global LTE edge devices will fit the requirement. By using bonding technology, we provide continuous uptime on the move.

Contact the NEXION Networks team to discuss your requirements. With a team of Technology Specialists, including Globally Certified Network Engineers, we can provide advice and solutions to suit your operations.

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