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Why use us to Migrate?

The move to cloud is not one to be rushed, or ‘have a go at’. The planning and mapping of processes involved in the transition from an on premise infrastructure to a cloud environment, is a major task. Security is key, as users are encouraged to use remote devices, outside of the company control. Microsoft is encouraging organisations of all shapes and sizes to begin migrating to cloud Microsoft Office 365. Selecting NEXION Networks, leaders in Microsoft Solutions in Perth,to comprehensively cover the process of and the challenges associated with the migration process sets your organisation on the correct path, saving time and money over the years to come.

Why Cloud?

There is little argument around the immediate and long term benefits of moving Microsoft applications to the cloud.
There is considerable cost savings, as well as freedom of device and multiple device log in’s.
The load on the IT service team reduces dramatically and users become more empowered.
Microsoft are global leaders in cloud collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Why Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is made up of cloud and desktop versions of all of the Microsoft applications 2010, Skype for Business, SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Teams. Through Office 365 subscriptions you will have the choice of various packages to meet your specific requirements on a per user basis. Stop worrying about upgrades, extra IT resources, costly products, with so many different products in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, there is a combination that will allow your business to transform. Looking for a consultant to provide advice on Office 365 in Perth? Register on our website for a free 1Hr Consultation.

Microsoft Solutions