Global Data Networks

Global Data Networks

NEXION Global, offers Global Enterprise Communications Solutions, Secure Converged Data Networks, SD-WAN, Enterprise Security and ICT Solutions and design.

Connect multiple locations throughout Asia with NEXION Global. NEXION Global offer access to Global SD-WAN, IPvPN, MPLS and Internet Solutions across all major locations, with secure and reliable access back to Australia or head office. Through a solid network of Global Agreements, we offer a consolidated approach to a secure and reliable IP Network. Using leading Security solutions from Global leaders such as Fortinet, we provide a secure and managed IP Transit solutions, with global cloud firewall and edge security devices. With access to Cloud solutions and security at the forefront of requirements, we remove the cost of expensive Global MPLS solutions.

Software Defined Networking and 24/7 in-country support services for all our security solutions, allows a truly global access and secure network. We design the solution with customer access and management ability at its core, security and reliability built into the design and most importantly we offer local personal service. We are Niche, we are driven and we are customer focused.

Saves costs on global MPLS Solutions, with WAN Optimised Global SD-WAN Solutions. Access to Global Fully Managed Networks, Cloud/SaaS Connectivity and PoP’s in over 60 countries. Run mission-critical Voice and SaaS through Nexion Global and rapidly increase global response times.

Global Solutions – Local Teams

NEXION Global are experts in end-to-end consultancy and design of business critical communications. With a team of highly skilled internationall consultants, with proven international ICT experience, we build the solution through in-depth analysis of your specific requirements. We are experts in the design and selection, delivery and management of Global Converged Networks, that offer Enterprise Data Solutions across Asia and into Africa. IPvPN, MPLS and Cloud Internet. NEXION Global is a class leading international Data Networking company, offering technology consulting on all major international vendor solutions. With our head office in Perth, Australia we have access to world leading data centre solutions in a secure location. Perth is indeed closer by distance to Singapore than Sydney and sits on the same time zone.

NEXION Global SD-WAN Solutions offer reduced costs, over MPLS solutions, as well as increased access to global leading SaaS Solutions. Empower the global workforce to access SaaS over a WAN Optimised Global SD-WAN.

NEXION Global is managed by leaders in the International Telecommunications sector, with proven skills and experience in global solutions. Whether you are looking for connections into Africa or Asia, we have the solution options to fit. Looking at Satellite Solutions, or complex integrated Global Data Microsoft Skype for Business Implementations, give NEXION Global a call.