Company Overview

Enterprise Data Networks

NEXION Networks are an Asia-Pacific Converged ICT Solution Experts, with Corporate Head Office in Perth and branch offices in Sydney, Adelaide, and Singapore. Our team are experts in end-to-end consultancy, design and provision of business-critical communications and large multi-site Enterprise Data Networks, Global SD-WAN with PoP’s in 65 Countries and Smart Networking. With a team of highly skilled consultants and engineers that have proven local and international experience, we build a solution through the in-depth analysis of your organisation’s technical requirements and goals. We are specialists in the design, selection, delivery, and management of Converged Networks, offering Enterprise Data Solutions across Asia-Pacific including SD-WAN, Smart Networking, Hybrid WAN, IPVPN, MPLS, NBN, National SIP and Cloud Internet. NEXION Networks are an industry-leading Enterprise Technology Solutions company, offering ICT solutions on all major international vendors. Looking for a Software Defined Networks, Back up 4G instant Voice and MPLS Fail-over, Point to Point data connections or a link to a National Data Centre? Turn to the experts.

Enterprise ICT Solutions

NEXION Networks offer customers across Asia-Pacific, both small and large, access to Industry-leading experience in end-to-end ICT Cloud, Enterprise Security and Critical Business Change Solutions. Offering ICT Solutions and design around Security Solutions, Data Centre, Server, Storage, and bespoke application development and design through our key partnerships. Turn to NEXION Networks for a complete turn-key consultation around the analysis and design of your Cloud ICT solution. NEXION Networks work with global companies defining and delivering of mission-critical IT solutions around Data Centre, Enterprise Security, Wifi, Mobile Device Management, Networking, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, 4G and LTE Solutions, Fibre and Cable build, CCTV and bespoke applications.

NEXION Networks is a Leading Asia-Pacific Enterprise Technology Solution Provider. We are Experts in Global Enterprise ICT Solutions, delivery of cutting-edge IT and Communications fabrics. Offering global access and local skills in Converged Data Networks (MPLS, NBN, Internet), Global SD-WAN, Enterprise Security, Public and Private Cloud, Data Centre, Microsoft, Wifi, CCTV, IoT, Smart Cities, and whole of Telecommunications solutions.

We are global Telecommunications brokers, experts in design and delivery of complex, converged and cutting edge ICT Solutions.

Enterprise Security Fabric

NEXION Networks offer Enterprise Fabric Security Solutions including Cloud, Onsite or Private Cloud Enterprise Firewall Solutions, Data Centre Security as well as Wireless and Application Security. IT Security is at the forefront for companies worldwide. Data breaches, viruses, malware, compliance, even cyber attacks impact all organisations across the globe. NEXION Networks use Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, to protect our clients. Fortinet’s consolidated approach to network security provides unparalleled performance and ease of management, coupled with significant savings. Strengthened by the industry’s highest level of threat research, intelligence and analytics from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet delivers best-in-class protection to provide the safest and most secure digital learning environments. Fortinet Solutions include Advanced Threat Protection, Caching, Next Generation Firewall, DDoS Protection, Data Center Firewalls, Web Application Firewall, Wireless Networking, Email Security, Application Delivery, Two Factor Authentication and Endpoint Integrity.

Data, Security and Voice - A Secure Connected Workplace