About Us

What we do

NEXION Networks is a cutting-edge Asia-Pacific Enterprise Technology Solutions provider. We are innovation leaders, with a team of industry experts adept in the full suite of ICT, Cloud, Enterprise Security, Global Networks and Telecommunications solutions.

There are a number of companies that can provide Converged Data Networks, but at NEXION we do things a little differently. We offer a fully-immersive consultative approach to all aspects of your business. We are not only solution providers, we are solution creators. We love what we do, we love our industry and we deliver the right results.

Turn to the most innovate and driven team of ICT Network Experts in Asia-Pacific, we are growing rapidly and believe in the power of change, design and extending whats possible. We have flipped the traditional concept of a global technology company on its head, we are small, nimble and empower your IT to manage the solution. We are brokers in international solutions and are not a MSP, we are a Customer Service Provider.

Who we are

We offer passionate service, solution design and delivery to our clients, led by a highly driven and motivated group of experienced Business Leaders, Consultants and Engineers. We don’t follow the standard business model of most ICT providers. Our young and energetic approach to service delivery and solutions allow us to be more responsive and agile.

We believe integrity is always doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Integrity and open communication are core to our values, whilst delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to help solve business problems.

Our promise to our customers is to provide remarkable customer service, in line with our company core values. We have the right attitude, conviction and raw determination to be ahead of the curve and walk the journey with our customers.

What we stand for

It’s simple really. We have a corporate and social responsibility; to grow a sustainable business built on a commitment to our customers, our team, our families, and our community.

Technology is a powerful tool and motivates us. It can open doors and support people to do what they love and allow them to work smarter, work faster and work from anywhere. Our focus is to empower companies to adopt technology and continue on their own journeys of success.

Our goal is to empower and entrust our team to be the best they can be. To always keep the happiness of our team at the core of our values, because the key to a company’s success is happy and motivated people. We will always have a family-friendly, supportive and flexible culture that values its staff.

We are dedicated and driven by the success of our customers and believe this will in-turn bring us our own success and rewards.

We live in a Global world, we act Globally, we empower Globally and we embrace technology to make real measurable improvements. We are the next wave of Global IT Companies, watch this space.